One Stop Assessment Clinic


          Have you felt a lump? Do you have any concerns about any breast symptoms or family history of breast cancer? Googling might help but nothing compares to being seen by a Breast Expert!!    Mr Mallidis will listen and address your concerns and will "put your mind at ease". You are in safe hands!!

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          Mr Mallidis is running One Stop Assessment clinics every Monday after 17.30 in Nuffield Health Ipswich. The Consultation will start with some questions about your worries/concerns, symptoms and medical history and if appropriate you will be examined, in the presence of a Chaperone.


          If needed Mammogram (Breast XRAY) and targeted Breast Ultrasound are readily available with immediate answer and diagnosis. If indicated you might also have a core biopsy (a piece of tissue taken under local anaesthetic: to be examined under the microscope to aide with diagnosis and potential treatment. The core biopsy report will need 7-14 days, so follow up consultation will be arranged.)


In Ipswich Breast Consortium we are working with all Major Insurance Companies

*BUPA  * AXA   *AVIVA   *Police Mutual HealthCare Scheme


          If you are self funded contact us to inform you about the cost of consultation. This should be either paid in cash at the day of the consultation, or by bank transfer prior to the day of attendance. If imaging would be indicated this would incur extra costs. For more information about the price of imaging you would have to contact Nuffield Ipswich Health.